Friday, April 24, 2009

Haiku on the Eve of the NFL Draft

Hope springs eternal for NFL fans as their favorite teams get ready to pick a new crop of players.

Especially us KC Chiefs fans, who got a big upgrade in the GM office when Clark Hunt fired King Carl Peterson and hired Patriots personnel guru Scott Pioli. Now it's time for Pioli to work some magic and bring us to the promised land!

Hope springs eternal
when Chiefs new boss makes his picks
Pioli, you rock

Who will the pick be?
Curry, O-Line, or trade down?
The suspense, it kills

Kansas City Chiefs
a fan since I was a kid
Will this be the year?

New faces, tough vets
major stadium rebuild
look out twenty ten

One for you Raiders fans out there ...

Oakland Raiders suck
till they are blue in the face
or, black and silver

And finally, a Haiku for Tony Gonzalez, traded yesterday to the Atlanta Falcons.

Tony G traded
Will miss TD crossbar dunks
Next stop, Hall of Fame

p.s. The plural of haiku is haiku ... who knew ???

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Nugget said...

You rock superhard!