Friday, March 20, 2009

Again Daddy, Again ! ! !

Six inches of snow plus a super cool SlideWinder sled from gammy equals little baby girl's first sledding experience.

We'd been waiting all winter for a good snow, and finally got one. Time to bundle up the baby girl and head out the door.

This little daredevil had a great time going down the hill ... however ... Our little baby girl got stuck with old parents.

After too few trips down and back up the hill I was already huffing and puffing, and she was ready for more.

It probably did not help that she sat down on the sled and had me pull her back up the hill. Her little legs just did not make much progress trying to trudge through the snow.

Great fun was had by all, and then we went back inside for some hot chocolate.

We plus-forty first-time parents have a saying in our house: "She's either going to make us feel younger, or she's going to kill us."

I think this sledding outing leaned towards the latter.

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