Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ding, Dong, the King is Dead ! ! ! ! !

After 20 years worth of 5 year Super Bowl plans, KC Chiefs general manager/CEO/Grand Poobah/King for Life Carl Peterson has resigned.

That great cheer you heard echoing across the land was from all the KC fans who have suffered under the regime of King Carl.

The prayers of thousands of message board trolls, bloviating bloggers, and talk radio ranters were finally realized the afternoon of Monday, December 15, 2008. The day after a forth-quarter meltdown loss against San Diego, following a year filled with disgraceful games, Carl saw the writing on the wall and finally and thankfully fell on his sword.

To be fair, Peterson did a lot for the Chiefs in the first half of his reign in KC. He took a dismal franchise and made it a winner. Going from half-empty stadiums to season-ticket waiting lists is no easy task. He opened up the parking lots early and started the best tailgating scene in the NFL. The Chiefs, under the coaching leadership of Marty Schottenheimer, had one of the highest winning percentages of the 90's, with several playoff appearances and one trip to the AFC title game.

But Carl peaked around year ten. The second half of his tenure featured desperate free-agent signings, zero playoff wins, and first round draft busts year after year. Dick Vermiel's team set many offensive records, but a laughable defense that could not get off the field. The defense set a dubious record for futility in a playoff game against the Colts in which the Colts punter never took a snap in the game.

Some say Carl's biggest failure was to never develop a franchise quarterback during his time in KC. The bottom line is that he failed to have a coherent draft strategy year after year, and was forced to make desperate moves in the free agency market to bandage over all of his draft shortcomings.

The king's reign is over and now it is up to Lamar Hunt's son Clark to show KC what kind of owner he is going to be. With the stadium renovations due to be complete in 2010, let's hope Clark will make a bold move to make this team a winner again, to go with the new era in Arrowhead!

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