Monday, October 27, 2008

It aint easy being a Chief's fan

After 12 straight losses, our beloved KC Chiefs FINALLY won a game! The hated Donkeys fron Denver were vanquished in front of 70,00 screaming Arrowhead fanatics.

Then the very next week, they put up just over 120 total yards of offense and ZERO points against Carolina. That's the first shutout in over five years.

The next week against the undefeated Titans, Chiefs fans were treated to a brand new and even more painful kick in the gut. Our starting QB Brodie Croyle, who suffered a shoulder injury in the first game of the season, suffered a season-ending knee injury in the second quarter of his first game since the shoulder boo boo.

When it rains it pours.

And yet we are still Chiefs fans. Aint no fair weather bandwagon fans in this family. We were born Chiefs fans, and we may be Chiefs fans who die without seeing the Chiefs in the Super Bowl again, but we will at least be loyal.

Dad took us boys to Chiefs games in the 70's when we really sucked and had no chance to get better. I remember one Raiders game in particular. It was sooooo cold that we took our sleeping bags, drank hot cocoa, and still froze to death. We lost, but after the game we got autographs from the winning team, the Raiders. We got Madden, Stabler, and some of the other stars. I wish I still had those!

Hope springs eternal in a Chiefs family.

Even with the losses, this team has some promising parts. We had a great draft, and with our record, we look to be a high pick this year again. Another lineman or two and a solid, sturdy quarterback, not made of tinfoil (Croyle), we just make a push for the playoffs next year.

So, like Chiefs fans everywhere, I say, "there is always next year!"

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